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Get different backup results from "backup, Archive, and restore" consoles

Created: 24 Oct 2013 | 2 comments

We noticed we get different backup information from different  "backup, archive, and restore" consoles

1. from local media server, this is the one we normally use, it seems relible and we can get correct backup information all the time.

2. from Java admin console, if we use it for remote client restore, we will get incorrect backup information.

3. from remote Windows admin console, if we use it for remote cleint restore, we will get incorrect backup information as well. 

anyone experienced same issue and have a solution?

thanks advance.

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Marianne's picture

Never seen this - used to do onsite support for a number of customers where I used Admin Console at some sites and Java Console at others.

Please show us what you see? 

Post screenshots of the different results.

Various reasons for incorrect Java results can be seen in this TN:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

watsons's picture

Shutdown all remote Java / WIndows consoles you curently have, launch them again one by one and check individually, will they be correct now?

I have seen large environment many users are launching Java GUI and Windows remote GUI from all over the place, due to the changes made by different users the data would not get updated or sync in time, or even timeout and left you with some incorrect data.