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Get out from under shared SIS parts?

Created: 14 Jan 2013 • Updated: 14 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

This is an EV 9.0.2 environment.

I have two Vault Store Groups, VSG1 and VSG2.

VSG1 contains 3 (Vault1, Email, Journal) vault stores which are configured for sharing within the group.

I want to delete Vault1 however due to the "share within group" setting the VS won't delete until all the shared items expire which is a long ways off.

If I create new vault stores in VSG2 and use the Move Archive Wizard to migrate the archives from VSG1\Email and VSG1\Journal into these new vault stores will that allow me to delete the old vault stores contained in VSG1?

My guess is that this will work but wanted to ask the community as there may be an easier way to accomplish what I'm trying to do.


thank you.


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Yeah your only option is to export to another vault store that doesn't share those items already....

So what you would really have to do is
1. Identify the Archives those shared items belong to
2. Export the archives out from VSG1 to another vault store group
3. Once completed, delete the Vault Store

And for the move to happen you will have to hope there are no legal holds and such placed on it

If you move the Archive from Vault1 to another Vault Store within the same vault store group, it will simply end up resharing to the existing DVSSP items. unless you move it to a vault store that shares within the vault store only and not the VSG

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Unfortunately this involves everyones archives. :(

But the plan is to migrate the archives over to a new Vault Store Group with new Vault Stores and Partitions.

So no sharing will occur between the old VSG and the new one.

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I'm thinking do you really really need to get rid of Vault1 for a particular reason, or is this more a cosmetic tidy up after moving things around?

I'm guessing that combined, vault stores journal and email take up more space than vault1 (a legacy vault store perhaps?)

Also, if legal hold is likely to be anywhere, it is more likely going to be on items in the journal archive (although it could realistically be anywhere)

Do you actually even want to keep the data in the archives contained in Vault1? If you want to delete the vault store itself then that sounds unlikely.

Anyway, if you move the archives contained within vault1 which you need to keep, then as Alex said, use another vault store in another vault store group OR use a vault store in the same vault store group with sharing turned off.

You can then delete all the archives contained within vault1. If you didn't need to keep any, then just delete them all. Any items which are shared will not actually be removed, but their ref-count will be decreased and the items will remain in the partitions associated with vault1. This could then be consolidated down so all partitions are within the same volume. Close the last partition in vault1 and make sure it is not the default for any new archives created. You would not be able to remove vault1, but then its existence would then be simply as a 'reference' vault store for the other two remaining vault stores.

My point is this though - if you decide to move email and journal to a new vault store group, or if you decide to simply delete the archives from within vault1, you are going to end up with the same data on disk because the remaining undeleted items are referenced in the journal and email vault store. If you moved the archives then they would need to take copies of this data. Thus really all you have done is a bit of reorganisation in the vault admin console and data shuffling for no real practical benefit I can see.



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