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Getting 0xe0009582 - Cannot get the disk changed information on AVVI backups

Created: 22 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

I recently upgraded my BE 2012 to SP2.  A few weeks later we upgrade to VMware 5.1.  I've noticed number of virtual server (AVVI) jobs fail with the "Cannot get the disk changed information..." error message.

I thought that maybe CBT was not being read from VMware as these are differential backups, but simply re-running the job works fine.  I don't see anything in VMware that there was a problem for the server in it's tasks and events log. 

Little is logged in the event viewers on the BE media server.  Only thing is that there are more backups running at once at night - potentially 12 backups at once across 3 Data Domain appliances.  Maybe I could pull that back a bit?

Any ideas?  I'll probably open a case, but forums are sometimes faster for these "low severity" things.



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Well - I'm not really getting the error as of recently.  I upgraded my Data Domain appliances and the issue may have gone away with that.  I am still waiting to see.  Support said the error relates to storage target, not necessairly backup source.  So far with the DD firmware upgrade, this statement seems to be holding true.