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Getting current "Worker" for reassignment email

Created: 11 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

I'm trying to find out what variables would allow me to display the person who is actually reassigning the ticket, not just the name of the person/group who it has been reassigned to.

In the SD.IncidentManagement workflow project -> Initial Diagnosis -> Initial Diagnosis component editor -> Event Configuration tab -> Start Process ellipsis (to show the model).  The Send Email component, I'm modifying the Html Content field of the email Body.

I've found the "reason for reassignment" (var name: ReasonForEscalation)) but nothing related to the actual person doing the reassignment.

Can anyone help?

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Well normally I would recommend using the information found in the EnsembleSecurityToken variable as that holds the information for the user logged into the PM portal. However since the e-mail is being generated during the Start event of Initial Diagnosis its possible this value won't be populated every time the event kicks off.