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Getting Endpoint 11.x to work properly with PC Anywhere and Real VNC

Created: 31 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

We have an ongoing issue with a major customer who has close to 100 locations. Since upgrading them to Endpoint, they have nothing but trouble.

First instance, was that on scans, SEP always claimed that PCA and RealVNC were potential virus risks. Tech support fixed that by having us disable ALL warning notices.  We have added both PCA and RealVNC to be allowed in the firewall, and will work on occasion for PCA but not for RealVNC. One of the locations even reported that PCA was no longer in the firewall allows. It just up and disappeared, and was there earlier in the day.

Now I should point out that all of these locations are running EndPoint as stand alone. Has ANYONE successfully gotten these two programs to work with SEP? I could use some help here. Ive been left on hold for hours with tech support, and when I try to get help via email, its so sorry call in we don't do email support.


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Let me know what you find out with VNC.
We've had a mess since the upgrade as well, buffer overrun errors, lockups, and it has slowed many of our client pc's to a crawl.
We attempted a migration from 10.x though, rather than a fresh install. 
I would rather have some kind of exception for VNC, than disabling the alerts.
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Hi Everyone,
Did anyone tried allowing this application in the centralized exception policy? Apart from that under the application bloc you can crete another policy to allow these applications. I'm in the process of doing this these days. So as soon as I get the updates I'll post over here.
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Update real vnc to at least version 4.1.2 and that should solve one problem. I don't use PC Anywhere so I can't help with that.

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Same problem with RealVNC here -_-"


What i've done:

1.) Status > Proactive Threat Protection > Change Settings > Scan Details > Commercial Applications > When a commercial remote control application is detected: Ignore


2.) Status > Network Threat Protection > Configure Firewall Rules > "RealVNC + Allow this traffic + All Hosts + All IP Protocols + vncviewers.exe"


Rule Summary:
Allow both incoming and outgoing traffic to/from: All hosts. This applies to traffic from the following protocols and ports: All IP protocol types. For these network adapters: All network adapters.
The following applications will be affected by this rule: VNC Viewer Free Edition for Win32. VNC Server Free Edition for Win32.


3.) RealVNC version 4.1.2 on every machine.



It still doesn't work at all!