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Getting low throughput for NDMP backup jobs.

Created: 15 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

Hi Experts,

In our backup environment we are using Backup Exec 12.5, we are facing low throughput (Job Rate) issue for some of NDMP jobs, Filer is EMC celerra.

In the Window Events we are generally see the events ID:33152, Adamm mover Error:Get Drive info failure, Error= ERROR_GEN_FAILURE for some drives. while checking the drives we are able to see all medium changer & Tape Drives with proper HP drives.

We are using HP MSL4048 G3 Series Tape Library with LTO4 tape drives & medias.

Could you please suggest me how we can increase the throughputs for NDMP jobs. And which drivers we should be installed on Tape Drives- HP or Symantec?

Due to low throughput its taking a very long time to be complete or some time we need to cancel the jobs as we cant run the job in business hour.

Any suggestion or help will be greatful for me...

Thanks in advance...

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teiva-boy's picture

How is NDMP configured to do backups now?  i.e. direct, 3-way, remote NDMP?  Either the backups go from Celerra to BackupExec to tape, or they go from Celerra to FC tape but managed by BackupExec.

And did this start all of a sudden?  Or did something change recently?  e.g. Patch Tuesday, AV software, etc?

Lastly, drivers..  It doesn't really matter.  Symantec recommends theirs.  But it works with either.  I've found the OEM drivers to work just a tad faster 5-10% over Symantec's.  But nothing dramatic.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

pkvyas1983's picture

Hi Teiva,

Thanks for response, It is remote NDMP, and the backups go from celerra to Backup Exec to Tape. Earlier we are getting a good backup speed for all NDMP jobs approx 2-4 GB\Min but from couple of weeks we see very low throughputs for some jobs...only one or two jobs are running with somehow good speed.

No changes in OS, we saw some drives are missing automaticly from medium changer & tape drives so I have installed back them. Due to this issue last weekend we have upgrade the OS patches on backup server. Eventhough we still able to see the Adamm Mover Error on daily basis for different -2 drives

No antivirus are running on server. There are 4 NDMP jobs are running on this server. schedule is 1st week friday is FULL & for rest of M-F its INCR Level 1 to 5.

There are three NIC card configured on server but we only able to see the most of trafic on one paticular NIC & 2nd is only used 1-5% some time & its seems in idel state.

Backup jobs are configured as use any available network interface, eventhough we are not able to see all three NIC are getting used properly.


pkvyas1983's picture

Hi Experts,

Could you please someone help me to short out this low throughput issue. Today we performed the Windows OS patches, All HP & Wondow drives are upto date now but no improvement in job rates.

After updates I saw information Event ID 7,

Secure Path Agent Started: SubAgent:, HpAp.sys:, APSPInfc.dll: 1, 0, 0, 21


& Error Event ID 6, for SecurePathAgent :- WaitForSysLogEvent: unable to read log

I Also saw the information alerts on backup exec(Device Category)- The HP system management Homepage win32 service has been started successfully.

Thanks & Regards


pkh's picture

If you have HP Insight software on your media server, you should disable the Insight software.  This software is not recommended when you use BE.

pkvyas1983's picture

Hi pkh,

Thanks for information, yes HP insite software is running on media server & below is the service status for that, please check & let me know if I need to stop all these services or any particular one?

Service Name                              Status
HP Insite Event Notifier                 Stoped \ Disabled
HP Insite foundation Agent            started \ Automatic
HP Insite NIC Agent                      started \ Automatic
HP Insite Server Agent                  started \ Automatic
HP Insite StorageAgent                 started \ Automatic

I check & found that all these HP services are running on all 3 media servers. I also found that HP VMI storage providers service also running on one media server which is having backup to disk + tape drives for backup. Will I need to stop that? will it impact the backup performance if I stoped it?

I also check the adamm logs & found that "NDMP server inaccessible,unsupported, or has no device" message... Current backup speed really very slow from couple of weeks.

Please suggest.

pkh's picture

I believe the recommendation is to remove all of the Insight software.  I don't run it on my servers with HP tape library/drives.  See this document