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Getting an output of selections

Created: 12 Aug 2011 | 3 comments

I am looking to get an output of the selections of a particular backup job in Backup Exec. I want this output to be as a list to .txt format or to an Excel spreadsheet. I have tried querying the database and directing the output to Excel (.xls) but the column headers do not stay intact; by this I mean that all column headers are within one cell.

I can see in the database that there is a table called dbo.Resource which has three columns: ServerName, ResourceName, Resource2Name. By querying this table...

 SELECT ServerName, ResourceName, Resource2Name
FROM dbo.Resource can easily get an output, but how do I know, infact how does the system know, which selection relates to which backup job? I have noticed there is another column called ResourceTypeId, maybe this is the identifier for the backup job that selection relates to? It would be nice to have something like:

 SELECT ServerName, ResourceName, Resource2Name
FROM dbo.Resource
WHERE JobId = 'job1'

My overall aim is to output a list of the selections of a chosen backup job. I am aware that you can go to the Selections > View Selection Details (tab) which will give you an output but the kind of output looks like this:

 D:\Users\*.* /SUBDIR
D:\UselessStuff\*.* /SUBDIR /EXCLUDE
\\A_SERVER\D:\directory1\*.* /SUBDIR
 \\A_SERVER\D:\directory2\*.* /SUBDIR
\\ANOTHER_SERVER\D:\directory1\*.* /SUBDIR

Which has been deemed unreadable by most of our clients. They want an easy-to-read list of what is, and what isn't, being backed up.

I hope somebody out there can help me :)

Thank you in advance.

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What you can try is to run the backup job and then running the CatTool utility to get the information about which files have been backed up.

Please refer to the following link about the CatTool Utility and its usage

Do let us know if that helps.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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This doesn't really meet my requirements. Thanks for the reply.

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...another way of doing this is to increase the level of logging in your job log. Once done, save the job log and this will show you every file/directory being backed up. It does increase the size of your log based on the size of the backup, so be aware of that!

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