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Getting Ready to upgrade my cluster from 9.1 to 10.00

Created: 26 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

Is there anything that I need to worry about? Does anyone have any documentation that might help in this upgrade process? The OS is Windows 2003.

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Please refer the "Upgrading from Previous Versions of Backup Exec" on page no#64 of Administrator's guide for exact upgrade procedure. The Administrator's guide can be downloaded from the following link:

We recommend to backup the following folders, prior to starting the upgrade. This will help you to save Backup Exec v9.1 information.

a. C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Program Files\Backup Exec\NT\Data
b. C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Program Files\Backup Exec\NT\Catalogs
c. C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Program Files\Backup Exec\NT\ECM
d. C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Program Files\Backup Exec\NT\IDR (if present)
e. C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Program Files\Backup Exec\NT\Reports\Saved
f. Backup-to-Disk folders (if created)

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Is there any thing special I will have to do in my cluster environment? I have already upgraded about 10 servers. I had a whole bunch of problems with my cluster going from 8.0 to 9.0, I just didn't want the same thing to happen this time around. I remember I had to install all devices as non plug and play.

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Once again during this upgrade, I lost everything - I had to completely reinstall - job engine would not start. I cannot believe this product.

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Probably the best technote i have seen for upgrading clusters is this one -

It is for upgrading 9.0.4367 to 9.0.4454 - but it will also work in the case of upgrading 9.1 to 10.

I know this might be a pain, but if you want to get your data back, I would give Veritas a call and speak to a support person - if you have a backup of the original database from BE 9.1 - then it should be able to be brought back and the upgrade can then be done again.

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I will be giving veritas a call tomorrow, the BEserver.exe keeps giving me a RPC error. This package is the most hardest to upgrade, configure and install. This is the second time I went through this on my cluster. Oh well, it is a learning experience.

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Customer will be calling VERITAS technical support for resolution.