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Created: 02 Apr 2013 | 11 comments

We've been sitting on ghost for over a year after getting it when we purchased something else. I'm just beginning to try it out as I'd like to be able to image some of our PCs and servers. I have it the console installed on Windows Server 2008 and I'm trying to image a Windows XP machine but I keep getting an error that says it failed druing the Initialization step. I'm not sure where to go from here or what to look for to resolve this so I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions.

This is on Symantec Ghost Console v11.5.1.2266.


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Need more information. Are you hot imaging, or booting to DOS or WinPE?

I would recommend using WinPE as it is so much more compatible with modern hardware than DOS.

What you have to bear in mind is that WinPE as provided in Ghost is based on the Vista kernel, so you need to add the appropriate Vista 32 bit NIC and SATA drivers to ensure that WinPE can boot with your hardware. For this you can use Ghost Boot Wizard.

These two links should help you:

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I'm guessing I'm not hot imaging because I see the Virtual Partition PreOS set to WinPE. I even tried changing that to the other options but it still failed at the same step. So I have to do all of this to image a PC that I could later restore if we lost the PC?

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leave it on WinPE.  it will be better for hardware support

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if you bring up the task log, on the step that failed, are you able to either double click it and get more info, or right click it and get properties?  if so, can you post that here?

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I didn't know I could do that. Here are the details.

Details for: Initialization
Client timed out

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ok, thats a start.  when you start the task to restore the machine, does the target machine reboot?  if so, does it reboot into WinPE?

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also, a point of advice on this.  when you are using the WinPE and the Ghost Boot Wizard, you need to make sure that the storage controllers and network controllers you add are for 32bit VISTA (this is what the PE is in!  it does not matter what the target will be restored to).  Next, when you add them into the boot drivers, you need to also go back and check the box to include them after you add them to the repository

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It does not reboot. The taks runs for 20 minutes and then fails.

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the machine is listed as "connected" in the ghost server, right?  does the status ever change to disconnected once the task starts?

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I'm a moron. I check and it was disconnected. I had another entry with the same PC name, just a different MAC address and NIC. I had forgot that I had removed the HD and put it in another machine. I just ran the task and it completed sucessfully. Now, I just need to figure out how to restore it on another machine.

Thanks for your help!

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that would do it!

to restore to another machine is easy.  import the image into the console.  create a CLONE task and link it to that image.  then assign that task to a computer you want to clone.

If it is a different comp, or especially if it has different hardware, you will want to run sysprep after the restore.

All of this depends on the machine being able to connect to the console too!