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Ghost: boot is missing, c:\ restored as d:\

Created: 03 Aug 2012 | 4 comments

Hello All

I am restoring image from ghost 15 on Viao Sony notebook on new drive with the same capacity, model drive. After restore, I see next: what should be a boot sector, become C:\ drive (I think) and C:\ drive become D:\ drive.

Book does not start with 'Operating System missing' message.

Before restore I went to utilities and ran: first track operations: wipe; and boot.ini : wipe.

Can you please recommend me what to do.

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First of all, read the sticky posting at the top of this forum that gives the link to the NORTON community where the retail Norton Ghost product is supported.

That aside, you also need to mention which operating system you are imaging. I'm going to guess at XP since you make a reference to boot.ini.

Have you checked that the partition setup is the same on both machines?  Most vendors ship their systems with two or three partitions, which may include a maintenance partition (bios utilities, etc), the main operating system partition, and a recovery partition.

If you image a machine where the main system partition is the second or third physical partition on the drive, and you restore it to a new drive as the first partition, then it is not going to boot as the boot.ini will be incorrect for the current setup. 

Taking a full disk image is usually the preferred option when you intend to clone a drive as this captures the entire structure including the different partitions and their relationships.

You also need to specify whether you have imaged the drive, removed and replaced it, then copied the image back, or whether you have setup some sort of master/slave relationship where the new drive is not actually in the machine it will be running in when it is imaged. 

Since your drive letter numbering is wrong, you may also be in a situation, if you have performed a disk image, where the first partition, which was "hidden" on the original machine, is not "hidden" on the new machine and therefore gets allocated the first available drive letter.  As you can see, there are many different variables that can occur in an imaging operation so you need to provide extreme detail if you want accurate advice.

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Hello Edt

I am restoring Windows 7 laptop from full system backup. Whatever was included into this backup is getting restored to new hardrive. On one of the beginning screens I remember it was showing 2 lines - I guess partitions - being restored.

New hardrive replaces the old one. I am not aware of any hidden partitions on it. Everything what Ghost picks up for system backup is on it. I am not sure  what I had to do different at the time of backup. There are 2 options only: system backup of file/folder backup.

I still have old hardrive. What do you recommend to do next.

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Windows 7 consists of two partitions - a small HIDDEN system partition around 100Mb in size, and then the  main boot partitions which is normally the C: drive.

It looks like after the restore, the hidden partition is no longer hidden and is therefore being assigned a drive letter, which then means that your old C: drive becomes the D: drive.

I am unfamiliar with the capabilities of Ghost 15 as it is based on different technology to the Ghost Solution Suite product that this forum supports, but what I would look for is any "tools" provided in the product which can hide partitions, and if that exists, just hide the first partition and see if that solves the issue.

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Edt, I tried some settings and it did not work. I had about 8 attempts, non worked. Call to tech support was fruitless.

I end up restoring OS from vendor's CD's and copying files from mount point.