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Ghost: boot is missing, c:\ restored as d:\

Created: 03 Aug 2012 • Updated: 03 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

Hello All

I am restoring image from ghost 15 on Viao Sony notebook on new drive with the same capacity, model drive. After restore, I see next: what should be a boot sector, become C:\ drive (I think) and C:\ drive become D:\ drive.

Book does not start with 'Operating System missing' message.

Before restore I went to utilities and ran: first track operations: wipe; and boot.ini : wipe.

Can you please recommend me what to do.

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You better post your question in the Gost forums:

This forum is specific for Backup Exec questions.

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The first problem you face is that you have been posting in the wrong places. Ghost 15 is a Norton product and you will find a sticky posting at the top of this forum that will direct you to the Norton community where you can get support for this product.

The second problem you face is that you are not providing enough information about your system - you have not mentioned what operating system you are imaging. The symptoms suggest that you may have backed up a windows 7 machine which consists of two partitions, and the restore has left the first (tiny) partition unhidden. This will then shift all the drive letters in a way that makes the machine unbootable. Setting the first partition to hidden may solve your problem.

However, your reference to wiping boot.ini would suggest you may be using XP or an earlier version of NT as Vista and Win 7 no longer use boot.ini.

Frankly, Ghost 15, which is based on the old Partition Magic product, is not a product I would recommend for imaging modern hard disks and modern operating systems. I personally prefer the Paragon 2012 partition manager tool - cheap and effective.

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