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Ghost Boot Stick hangs up on Dell optiplex 380

Created: 08 Feb 2010 | 5 comments

We've recently Purchased a Dell Optiplex 380 and when i tried to boot from the ghost boot stick it wont continue, I downloaded the Network driver from the dell site and used the NDIS2 that was included in the driver then i created a new boot stick but still it only hangs up when its trying to load the network. Do you guys any Idea how to fix that. Thanks!

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I won't claim to know much about the Ghost boot disk creator, but one thing you could try is ensuring that the BIOS on the system is up to date.  Dell frequently rolls NIC firmware updates into their BIOS update packages.  Just a thought...I saw this in the side-bar and thought I'd mention it.

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KSchroeder thanks for the reply but the bios is already updated, same bios version on their site and on my pc, Im thinking it might be the same case with one of the DLink NIC that i have before, even though it is the right driver it wont boot with ghost boot stick, It worked well with a different driver thats not even for that model of the NIC. I just had to find the right one.

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Which driver did you use to make the system reconized the network?
I use the one from dell website From R239862.exe file
and in side dos folder Ndis folder b57.dos

but it doesnot bind to the netowork when I boot up

Please help


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I would suggest you to go with WinPE instead of PC-DOS as many of the newer generation SATA controllers have issues with DOS.

Download the network driver from the following location:

Network Driver:

Make sure that you are downloading the vista (32) version of this driver.

Now extract these driver and add it properly to your WinPE image  using Ghost Boot Wizard.
 After adding this driver, double check that you have a check mark on the template.


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After downloading the file, extract the same and save in a folder.
Now, Open your Ghost Boot Wizard->Select WinPE->Edit->Select WinPE-> Edit->Add New Drivers->
Location- Browse and point to the extracted folder
Friendly Name- Any name you prefer(make it simple and easy to understand)
Applicable OS- Vista (whichever be your operating system,you are adding drivers to WinPE pre-OS and hence its VISTA to be selected)

After adding ,scroll down the list,double check that you have a check mark on the newly added template
Now Click OK
The driver will be added to your package

Now create a new boot disk using this.
Update the case status once this is done


(for extracting the .exe file, download it to your desktop, open command prompt, drag and drop the file into it,leave a space , type -p  ...Press Enter...It will ask for the extract location..create a folder in desktop and point to it..)