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Ghost client on windows7 doesn't appear in ghost console

Created: 14 May 2013 • Updated: 14 May 2013 | 3 comments
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I got a problem with one windows7 client.
The remote client installation worked fine on the client. I can see the ghost systray icon which is connected to the Ghost server.
But the machine doesn't appear in any of the machine groups in the console (neither in the Default group).
My console version is

I tried to :
- Disable all the firewall (client and server)
- Reload the ghost services (client and server)
- Copy the pubkey.crt from the server on the client
- Uninstall and (re)install the Ghost Console Client from the Ghost Console and from the client with the Client.msi. Both are working great but the client won't appear in the Ghost Console.
- Disable the IPv6 parameters (just to try...)
- I've got enough number of clients registered in the Ghost Console

Thanks for your help!


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Is there anything unusual about the hardware running this Windows 7 installation? How may NICs does it have for example?  If more than one, try disabling the one that is not used.

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Thanks for you reply.

No, there is nothing unusual about the hardware running this Windows 7 installation. There is only one NIC. The workstation is a Dell Optiplex 790.

I've just tried to uninstall and (re)install the Ghost Client pointing to another Ghost server (the previous one installed on a laptop that we used before (same version, and it's working, the workstation appears in the Ghost Console...

It's very strange...

I suppose that I could focus my researchs on the Ghost console of the "new" server, but I don't want to break it. 160 computers (XP OS) are registered in, and it must stay "available" until students are here!

If you have any suggestion, it'll be great!


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OK, I've just (re)installed the Ghost Client pointing to the new Ghost server (without uninstalling the previous Ghost client installation which pointed on the laptop server), and this "update" worked...

The client appeared by miracle in the Ghost Console of the new server!

I don't really understand what happened...