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Ghost Error

Created: 09 Jul 2012 | 3 comments

After ghost with Norton Ghost 11.5 (in Hiren 's Boot), my pc appears found new hardware notification "window finished installing ... you need restart..." and it repeat whenever booting, every system change is ineffective. I have used deep freeze, but i make it boot thawed before ghost.

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OK, so you have described your problem but have given no information on which to build any advice. Did this start after creating a Ghost image or restoring a ghost image?

What operating system? What have you tried so far? Have you checked the event logs? Do you know what device is trying to install? Have you looked in device manager and found the PNP ID of the failing device? Have you searched Google to identify the device if it is not obvious from Device Manager? Have you researched the specific error scenario on Google as these sorts of operating system misbehaviours are often discussed in detail with resolutions.

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I manage a labs with 20 computers, with same profile, windows xp, norton ghost 11.5 in hiren 's booot. So i ghost one and restore it to the other computer which is infected virus.
Creating a ghost image and restoring it to the other computer are both complete without errors. But when i boot the computer, new found hardware notifications appear, details such as:

Found New Hardware - "your hardware is installed but might not work properly until you reboot"... This is followed by another pop-up box entitled:
System Setting Change, with the message: "Windows has finished installing new devices. The software that supports your device requires that you restart your computer. You must restart your computer before the new setting will take effect".

2 things repeats over and over everytime i boot, and every change of system as change my computer name, install a new software, copy a file,etc ... is all deleted

First, i check device management to find any devives which mark yellow question, but i find nothing, And i think deep freeze cause that, so i remove it before creating a ghost image, but not useful.
Finally, i try to research on google, i found this:

This means ghost with switch -ntexact. I create and restore as this way. Notification and pop up also appear and disappear after restart once. The new problem is creating and restore a ghost image like that make every programs is useless, even shortcut of them also change to unknown icons...

PS: My english is not good

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Norton Ghost is not supported in this forum as this is a retail product for which support can be found in the Norton Community (see sticky posting at the top of this forum).

Symantec Ghost is an enterprise product based on different technology to Norton Ghost. If you have used the Norton reference incorrectly, and actually have Ghost Solution Suite, make sure you are running the latest live update which is

Hiren Boot is not supported here - Ghost Solution Suite provides tools for creating a WinPE boot environment which is supported. Your problem may well be caused by the Hiren boot not having correct drivers for your hardware, or your hardware is not as identical as you believe. Perhaps bios settings are different or bios versions are different?  Perhaps one machine has SATA drivers and the other is running under IDE emulation in the bios, and you are deploying an image with the wrong drivers for the other machine. Even if your machines are the same model from the same manufacturer, it is not impossible for there to be hardware differences, as manufacturers such as DELL are known to change components based on availability.  When you say that the machines have the same profile, if you mean user profile, that is not really relevant. If you mean they have the same model number then see my comment earlier.

Cloning one machine to another in a lab is also risky if you have not run Sysprep to prepare the image, as you will end up with duplicate computernames and maybe issues with duplicate IP addresses if you are using static IP addressing.

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