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Created: 13 Oct 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment

I purchased Norton Ghost 12.0 last year, with the hopes that it would be the software I could use to do what I need.

Here is my goal.

I want to create an image of a laptop, which I plan to use to deploy across my organization.  This is to help speed up my time to deliver notebooks to the field, by managing my time through effective imaging techniques.

I want to create a bootable Ghost disk, so I can create a ghost image of my laptops, and save them to a USB or network device.

To do the network device, I know I need to load NIC drivers, yada yada yada.  I am not concerned with this so much right now, what I am concerned with, is being able to even start, so that I can boot to a Ghost disk, and create the image even to a USB device.

I boot from the Norton Ghost 12.0 disk, and it doesnt appear to give me the option to create an image.

From what I can tell, maybe I am using the wrong version of Symantec Norton Ghost.

Do I need Ghost 14.0?

Someone please help point me in the right direction, I need to get this done, and need help figuring out what version of Ghost I need to get this done.

I believe the last version of Ghost I did this with was a version of Ghost Enterprise 7.5.

Is there a website with valuable information on how to create a bootable Ghost disc, and how to make it networkable?

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Norton Ghost is a consumer product line that has nothing in common with Symantec Ghost product line (Ghost solution suite or GSS). Norton Ghost is a backup product and best forum to ask questions would be Backup exec system recovery (BESR) built on the same technology.

Product that you were using 7.5 is the same product line as GSS (current is Ghost 11.5 or GSS 2.5). For what you need it is best to use GSS, certainly not consumer Norton Ghost. Best website is You can download trial version of GSS 2.5 and in GSS you can create all sorts of bootable media using different preOS - DOS, Winpe or Linux.