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Created: 29 Aug 2011 • Updated: 29 Aug 2011 | 4 comments

I downloaded the trial version of Ghost 2.5. I am able to create the image. I used Windows 7 64.

When I go to ghost cast the image back I get this message:

"Unable to locate enough contiguous free space to load run. Increase teh destination partition size or run Ghost with the -NTEXACT switch."

I tried this:

This is a known issue that is under investigation by the Ghost Development team. To work around the problem, you can manually adjust the manifest.txt file to increase the size of the Windows Image file (WIM).

  1. Open C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Ghost\Template\Common\Winpe (or Winpe-512)\manifest.txt
  2. Increase the number in the line reading "size = 200". Increase this value (in MB) to meet the size of the Console Boot Partition you are trying to restore.
  3. Click File > Save
  4. Rebuild the Console Boot Partition and restore it as you normally would.

Any suggestions?


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Moving thread to Ghost Solution forum.

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You say "I tried this" and then ask "any suggestions" - but fail to mention what happened when you "tried this".

It would also help if you could confirm whether you were using DOS or WinPE boot, and whether the version you are running is

If your issue has been solved, please use the "Mark as Solution" link on the most relevant thread.

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I mean, the error message says exactly what the problem is and what to do about it - restore the data to a bigger target disk, because the data just isn't fitting. The second thing he posted is some random irrelevance that has *nothing* to do with the actual reported error code.

Incidentally, the second suggestion in the original error message, -ntexact, is only for a specific case where the end user is ABSOLUTELY SURE the target is the same size as the original source and so the data can be made to fit even there was zero free space in the source. However, given how badly NTFS behaves when the free space gets under about 15% that's always the wrong thing to do, and you really need a bigger disk just as the error says.

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dear sir/madam,

good after i have some problem in xp.i have a system its work with compact flash. so i need backup for this, i removed the flash and make image file with help of ghost11.0. after i buy a new flash and clone the disk. i inserted the new disk but the system didnt start alarm appeared verifying dmi pool data. again i inserted old disk it is working.pls suggest me to solve the problem