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Ghost Image to different PC

Created: 10 May 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

I have symantec ghost solution center 8.2 and I am wanting to image one computer and use that image to install on other similar computers.
Here is my setup:
I have setup a Dell Optiplex GX150 with a 20GB hard drive with Windows XP SP2 and NTFS. All the software I want on it is installed.
I ran sysprep to reseal the computer.
Booted the computer with the Ghost boot disks and transfered the image to my Ghostcast server.
Go to another Dell Optiplex GX150 with the same hardware except it has a 9GB hard drive and boot with Ghost boot disks and copy the image from my Ghostcast server to the workstation.
After the restart the computer it goes through the POST and goes to a blank screen and the computer does nothing else. The num lock light will not go off telling me the computer is locked up. I power off and power back on and the Windows XP screen comes up saying that Windows did not startup properly and asks to select if I want to start in safe mode or start normally.
If I copy the image to another GX150 with a 20GB hard drive or bigger the computer will work just fine.

So I have come to the conclusion that the image that I took from the computer with 20GB hard drive will not work if the computer has a smaller hard drive. Am I right? Is there a way to make the image I took and make it work with the smaller hard drive.

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Travis Horn's picture

How do I do the image resize option? Is this a command line option or is it in the ghostcast server software?

RedRed Baron's picture

You have to "resize" your current image by using Ghost.exe with>> resize<<


Check your manual how to use ghost.exe with this switch.Once you re -size your

image you can use it with your Console.

Travis Horn's picture

I tried the -resize switch and it is telling me invalid switch.

Frank Kish 2's picture

Hi Travis ,

resizing can be done by using -sze switch or -szef switch.

Refer to your Ghost Reference Guide book -Command line switches.

Regards ,

James Orange's picture

I very much doubt that the resize switches will be useful as ghost.exe resizes the partitions to fit the hard drive anyway. It really is hard to guess why the machine isn't booting if what you say is true and the machines are the same except the hard drive size. You could try the -fdsz switch but again I doubt that will help as ghost should zero the windows disk signature by itself anyway, but possibly worth a try.

I suggest you have a look to see if ghost.exe has done something strange to the disk layout, run gdisk on the non booting machine and also run gdisk on a booting machine and see if there is any obvious differences.

Good luck, JO.