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Ghost Image finishes but fails in NS

Created: 28 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

Hello all,

Just wanted to see what everyone thinks.  I captured an image finally in a Lenovo All In One 2117-BBU model pc.  I went out and had to find Vista storage drivers and NIC drivers for it in order to capture the image.  I've added them to the Preboot and DeployAnywhere environments.  Recreated the preboot environment and saw BootWiz run.  I have 3 partitions, including a recovery partition if that information helps.  The image deploys fine but when it finishes, and goes to retargeting device drivers, it hangs up there for a bit longer then normal in my opinion.  Anyway after the image fails, I have to manually reboot the pc and it doesn't boot up properly, says something about signature invalid.  I also do not have an unattend.xml file either in my imaging, if that helps.  I will be going through a HII course through Symantec next month but would like to get this image pushed out there to the rest of the all in ones.  Also, how do I get the ghosterror.txt that I've seen other discussions about?  Any information on this would be great.  I appreciate all the input.  Thanks,  Dwight

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normally the imaging process hangs or crashed when there are missing critical driver. In special with notebooks, the process also looks for the wireless nic driver, because it's a networking device and is so defined as critical. When not found it stops. The template task gives no opinion to get around this. Only way is to have the wireless nic drivers in your deployanywhere database or you have to run the deployanywhere as extra script-task with special parameter (/skipMissingCriticalDrivers).

The log files are located on the task server to which the client is connected to while imaging. The path is something like \\%taskserver%\task handler\deployment\ghost\x64 oder x86\ and there in should be a da_logs.txt. Take care of the architecture, it depends on the architecture the preboot you use. The log file is overwritten everytime a client is using the deployanywhere.

Here is a great article on facts about deployanywhere:

At first, have a look for the log file. At second you can have a manual try with deployanywhere. There exist a /eval parameter for evaluation.

What exactly you mean with boot error "signature failure"? Is this error regarding a driver?

An unattend.xml should exist in any way. Please have a look in c:\windows\panther on the target-machine.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Hi DwigthOrr,

the "signature failure" error rings a bell as reported in tech200444 : "Signature checking of drivers in automation is not working correctly causing Deploy Anywhere (DA) to not use drivers that are a correct match."

If that Kb artcle does not solve the issue you will need to check the logs as md investigate said.


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ghosterr.txt is created in the root of X in DS 7.1 post imaging.  IF it's failing with Ghost, that's what you want to look at.

IF it's failing AFTER Ghost, such as with DA, then the error is on the server in 7.1 where DA runs from (you can see this by looking at the BAT file it creates per the article mentioned above)

IF you're using DS 7.5, then the errors are in different places, so ping us for sure if that's the case.  Logging changed in 7.5

Thomas Baird
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