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Created: 30 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Can Ghost Solution Suite image in such a way as Microsoft Operations Console. i.e. Create image in pieces. Pull  OS from one container hardware drivers from another and so on. This is so I do not need an image for every piece of hardware. I could create a task that pulls from containers to image a pc.

Thanks, Ghost Fool

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Deploy Anywhere works by injecting the drivers you need into a base image, but the container method you describe does not appear to work in the same way as even Microsoft's deployment toolkits work.

If you want a single image that supports all valid hardware then Deploy Anywhere should meet your needs.

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We have been using a home built solution that accomplishes what you need by using ghost to lay down the image, then using Omnifs (part of Ghost) to inject the needed drivers and the microsoft tool DISM to register those drivers in the OS (before mini-setup!). We elected not to use the Deploy Anywhere solution, just like we chose not to use DS to build images, so we could maintain total control over the process and still remain management platform independent. The additional benefit is that we have been able to encapsulate the process so that we can image offline via thumb drive when PXE is not available. This has been a big win and it's extremely fast.

The only down side is that when we get new hardware we need to create the new driver package (much simpler in Windows 7 than in XP) and we need to embed both the new MSD and NIC driver into the WinPE package that we use as a control program.

Doing it this way also has the challenge that it can take a significant amount of time to get things right programmatically but the benefits are that we can now push fixes and updated drivers to machines via Omnifs that get installed during mini-setup so do we do not need open and reseal the image except for occasional patching updates.