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Ghost Pull and Push Imaging along with User Migration..?

Created: 18 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

Hey Guys,

I am new to the forum.  I am looking for some instruction or maybe advice on how to complete what I would like to do.

As our environment is currently setup we take a PC from a user's cubicle, copy the image using a Ghost boot CD and Ghost Cast Server- We then push an image using Ghost Cast Server and a Ghost Boot Disk.  Then the desktop support tech's will re-name the PC, bring it to the user and then upload all their data back to their PC afterwards from the image that they pulled.

This is a pain and I am trying to automate it.  So far I have been able to pull and push an image remotely without having to leave my desk.  My only question is how can I get through Sysprep Mini setup without leaving my desk and also copy all of the user items over...?

Any suggestions?  I am truly trying to automate everything so that way when someone says we need to reimage it's done with practically no man power except a few clicks of a mouse.

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From what you have sent, I presume that you would like to back up User's data and restore it to a machine which the user might use.
Please find below the document that would describe the process of taking a backup and restoring the User data and files.

Hope this helps. Do reply to this thread if you have any further queries.


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This problem could probably be better solved by using either a roaming profile and/or folder redirection.  instead of storing the data on the local volitile machine redirect it to a file server.  this allows the user to move around between machines, get a new computer or access files off campus way easier.  After its all set up is automatic and you can replace or reimage hardware willy-nilly.  The user migration tool is super cool and does the same essential finction of profile moving, its major downfall is if the machine doesnt work you cant use the tool.  With folder redirection or roaming profile the machine could die and the data doesnt go with it.

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if you do get to the point where there isnt any user specific data left on the machine you can create a user-executable job in the ghost console that reimages the machine.  of course you would want to password protect the job but hypothetically you could walk over to any machine without tools and execute the reimage job.  If the machines are abused by children or the general public you could also set them to reimage automatically on a schedule without fear of loosing data.