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Ghost really slow on Dell R610's

Created: 29 May 2013 | 1 comment


I have a Dell R610 server, the server has A SAS 6/iR controller with SAS disks able to sustain high transfer speeds under windows.

When booting using our PCDOS Ghost boot disk to create (and later restore) some images transfer speeds are very very slow. Ghost reports speeds of around 250MB/minute.

I've tried a bunch of things:

- eliminate the network as possible bottleneck by ghosting to a 2nd local disk
- use a WinPE bootdisk

But the problem remains.. I'm not sure what to try anymore... My hypothesis is that the SAS control / disks are not handled correctly (driver?) but I would know how to go about fixing that...

Any help is welcome!

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OK, for the purposes of supporting ANY kind of non IDE disk subsystem, forget DOS and stick with WinPE.

These two links should get you up and running:

The problem often encountered with server platforms is finding a suitable Vista 32 bit driver for the disk subsystem, as Vista was never used as a server operating system. So in this case, try Windows 2003 32 bit drivers. This presumes you are using WinPE from the Ghost Solution Suite version, which is based on the Vista kernel.

In order to get full disk performance, you really need to have the correct windows drivers loaded in WinPE so that the full interface performance can be leveraged.

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