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Ghost solution Suite 2.5

Created: 17 May 2010 | 6 comments

I am a first time user for Ghost Solution Suite, just to let everyone know that i am using a trail ware. I am having some difficulties of detecting other workstation and trying create a snapshot of the workstation. I have already try to follow the instruction from the pdf documents and the video tutorial -

If anyone can that would be great.

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Once you install GSS version, you can take the help of user and admin guide though the document you referred is also nice to have the GSS demo.

In trial ware version, you are restricted to install the client on 10 machines. You can install the clients through Client install option in Ghost Console under tools-->Remote client install (RCI). If you do not find the machine under Workgroup or Domain, you can manually add the machines through ADD button on RCI UI. After client install, you would see the machin under "Machine Group". Create a task for image capture (create new image task) under Tasks section. Specify the parameters like image location, source machine, source drive and partition and run the task. Please try and let me know your result.



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Additionally, note that with the trialware you will not be able to restore images. If you want to fully evaluate the product, I would recommend calling our Licensing people and getting a temporary license, uninstalling the trialware, then installing a full copy and adding the license. You can reach them at 1-888-727-8671. 

Thank you,


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* Randall Newnham, thank you for the insight and i called the 1-888 number and I got the trail licenses. very help full

* Nitin I am following your instructions you provided and its working great. I am at the point of creating new image task but I get a error when creating an image of my test computer. Please view attachment but I am wondering does the error related to not setting up Sysprep?

Also is there a way just create a image only the application and transfer them to a dissimilar hardware.

Thanks for your time on this.

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Hi Randy

I'm able to create the new image of Windows 7 in VMware workstation environment, but received the same error like PLoS above on the virtual Partition on a physical pc. Please advise,

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Since this is new hardware and the new NIC driver is not available in WinPE environment. You can add those drivers through Ghost Boot Wizard (GBW). Open GBW and select WinPE from the first screen.  Click on Edit and select WinPE again. Click on Edit and select "Intel.82567LM-3.NW.VistaOrAbove.32" drivers. It will take time to add the drivers in boot.wim file. Click Ok--Ok and Next and Cancel. Now run the task again. You will not get the error now. I hope this helps. Cheers


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Great! it started to work perfectly after the drivers issue but I now I have stuble a road block. when I execute the new image task, the it sends a notification to my test computer that Symantec ghost is going to reboot the computer. I am assuming this is when the cloning process begins, the I walk over to my Test-cloning workstation and I see  that it completely turnoff. I thought it was going to reboot the computer and start the image cloning but it didn't (I believe I miss a step somewhere).

I am reviewing the video tutorial and reading the implantation guide to understand how the process works.  I am very new at this, I would need step by step instructions (pleaes speak to me like a infant) =).

All I want to do is  three things.

* Creating an Image of the Operating System with drivers, by it self for  windows XP & windows 7

* Creating an Image without the Operating System, just  Applications only, so I can send Application-installation to dissimilar hardware - for windows XP & Windows 7

* Creating an image of the OS with Drivers and with Applications - windows xp & windows 7

I know I am asking a lot but I am having a difficult time on this.

Thanks! a bunch