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Ghost Solution Suite - client does not reboot after imaging

Created: 05 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

After pushing an image from the Ghost console to a client, the client remains in WinPE and continues to poll the server. Closing the WinPE windows forces a reboot of the client, and then the process continues properly. This is new behavior since applying a patch to Ghost last winter (February, March?). Server is win server 2008 32 bit. Client is Dell 960 or 980. Image is win 7 64 bit.

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What is your precise version of ghost and what exact patch was applied? Were you able to apply the same image to the same machine before patching your server? Did you update your clients after you patched the server?

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Ghost console

I manage 250 machines. All were imaged from this machine at some time since April, 2011.  However, I only have 2 hardware platforms/configurations and I have seen this issue on both. Prior to patching the server I would image all machines and usually see about a 7% failure for all causes (including this). Now I'm seeing an 80-90% failure for this cause alone.

I don't have the patch number ready, but it was a patch for server 2008 to correct the network from dropping out or stopping for a period of seconds. I have not explicitly updated the client agent.