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Ghost - split image (multiple files)

Created: 19 May 2014 | 2 comments

I have a capture image job that has the Maximum file size set to Unlimited (Default).  This is how it's always been, but previously this meant I had one .gho file after the capture image was complete.  However, after the upgrade to 7.5, it's now splitting the images into ~2GB chunks.

What am I missing?


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Hi SaintFrag,

 In previous file systems like FAT the individual file size cannot be exceed more than 3 or 4 gb. So only it has designed in that way to split the files. If you dont want to split you can add the switch so that it will create in a same file.





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it shouldn't be splitting the file by default.  You may want to create a new task to see if it does the same thing.  MOST of the time, DS 7.5 will capture single-file images by default, unless the package server to which you are capturing is on a FAT system...??

Thomas Baird
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