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Ghost USB Boot V.S. Ghost PXE Boot

Created: 26 Jun 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi I'm a new user on these forums.

I have Ghost deployment center set up and the PXE boot is working fine. It's running on MS Windows Server 2003, I also have Ghost Cast Server set up, for imaging on the same Server.

This is my issue.
I am using the Network Boot Image created by the Ghost Boot Wizard.
When I boot off this Image from USB on a client station, everything works flawlessly, both dumping an image to the server share, and deploying image onto a client.
However, when I network boot from the client, the PXE works fine, the Ghost 11.5 Interface loads properly, the Cast Session is identified correctly by the client station, but when I proceed to begin imaging I get the following error on the client station GhostCast Session failed with GhostCode 19903, and on the Server the response is "waiting for clients to connect"

What is the difference between running the GhostCast Session with booting off USB, and using the same boot image for PXE Boot?
Why is everything successfull in the one instance, and only partially successfully in the other (the failure being that the server doesn't recognise that the client is connected to the Cast Session).

What am I doing wrong?

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What network driver did you use when creating USB? Did you use UNDI or the specific network driver ?


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I used the UNDI Driver for both USB and PXE

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Hi guys

Did some more reading through the forums, and have managed to sort myself out.

The problem appears to be with the bios mapping of the memory.

Removed the HIMEM.sys file from the boot image, and removed the entry for it from the config.sys file.

Working like a charm accross the various PC models deployed in our environment.

I wonder though, would removing the HIMEM.sys related items cause any issues in somewhat older PC models?

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Thanks for the information.  I recently encountered an identical error and your post (above all the googling, etc.) helped the most.