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Ghost Woes

Created: 25 Jul 2012 • Updated: 27 Jul 2012 | 8 comments
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I have been put in charge of finding an imaging solution for my organization..

I used GHOST back in College at an internship, and it worked awesome so I decided that would work best for us, I am having so many issues. I cannot create an image I keep getting error 502's, Nothing will complete and I need help please, One issue is that when I start sending an image it looks like it wants to send a 200000 MB image (the whole size of the disk) It shouldn't be doing that right? I am at a loss.

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are you trying to back up a Windows drive, or Linux?  I have seen it take huge backups of Linux before, but it is usually good with standard formatted Windows drives.

Standard questions.  What version of GSS are you using, or is this just the stand alone Ghost product?

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IT is a Windows Computer

Ghostcast Server Version is  that is really the only part we are hoping to use. It is getting frustrating it connects starts to image and dies I am booting to the CD, and have tried the DOS, Linux and Windows boots I just can't figure out what the heck is going on

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when it errors out in the console, what is the error code at the top of the error file (assuming the clone started).  If the clone never starts, what step is it erroring out on (and info if there is any)

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Error Code 502 With Ghost code 19945

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did you see this link

it has some switches that helped someone else with this error.  Also, are you backing up to external drive or internal drive?  What type of connection?

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I ended up doing a windows pe boot disk and stuck every damn driver on there and it WORKED!!! I just experienced the fastest mood shift in the history of man kind! Thank you for all your suggestions they helped me come to my own conclusion.

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glad to hear.  The good news is now you have an idea how to add the drivers too.  down the road you might be able to prune some that you dont need out (if you want).  Remember, any that you add in the future need to be VISTA drivers since the GSS PE is WinPE 2.0

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yeah I read that.. THANKS for all your help