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Ghost15 Backup File Bloat

Created: 22 Dec 2013 • Updated: 22 Dec 2013 | 5 comments

I've been using Ghost15 for several years and lately the main backup file is increasing daily by several GB. For example, Thursdays boot disk backup file was abt 95GB, A backup made two days later was 98GB. I have not added any where near that much to my boot drive in the interim, so where is the 3GB coming from? All settings when doing the daily backups are the same.

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This is not actually the correct forum, as Ghost version 15 is a Norton product and not a GSS product. There is a sticky posting at the top of this forum that points to the Norton community where you can get more appropriate support.

As to your specific problem, what checks have you made to determine whether the volume growth is not due to a problem with your machine? Just because YOU are not adding 3Gb of data per day, does not mean that some process on the machine, or some malware, is not causing the additional data overhead.

For example, have you checked the temp folders (both system and user), and the application data folders for their contents and any daily size changes?  A simple DIR /s >log.txt will record the entire contents of the hard disk to a text file, and by comparing the files one day apart with a tool like Windiff, you can identify exactly what changes are occuring.

For what it's worth, I encountered an XP laptop with no hard disk space caused by the system downloading an Office service pack as a windows update, which failed when applied, so another instance was downloaded, which failed when applied, and so on for 15Gb of a 30Gb hard disk.  Not saying this is necessarily your problem, but checking around will soon reveal where the data growth is taking place.

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Guess I assumed that Symantec and Norton were one and the same. Thanks for the clarification and help!

I will take your suggestions to heart and do some "smart" research. Initially, I rightly or wrongly assumed that the bloat noted in the image file was a Ghost problem, but since have started to watch the boot drive and image file relationship. I did look at the largest files on the boot drive and cleaned up some of the larger ones--e.g., the Outlook data file. That did not affect the bloating. The next image went from 98GB one day to 104GB the next.

Thanks again!


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Symantec acquired Norton at some point, but the Norton Ghost product is based on the Partition Magic product that they also acquired at some point. The Ghost Solution Suite product is based on the original Ghost product from Binary Research, which they also acquired, and of course is a totally different codebase to the Partition Magic software.

Basically, if the product has worked all this time without issue, and you are now suddenly getting odd behaviour, it is more likely to be a system issue than an issue with the software.

You could also do something very simple, and check the properties of the source hard disk to see the amount of used space at the end of each day. 

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I'm setting up to track boot disk size vis-à-vis the associated image file. In addition, I am cleaning up the disk getting rid of lots of extraneous files like old restore points, etc. I suspect that the automatic restore point creation when updating Windows may have something to do with the bloat.

As far as Ghost goes, I believe it was originally a PowerQuest program, Drive Image 7. I recall that Symantec acquired DI from them and basically changed the name to Ghost. Partition Magic was probably part of the same deal as I recall. I was happy with DI.:)

Thanks again for your assistance.