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Ghostcast Speeds Drop Drastically

Created: 06 May 2013 | 3 comments


As the title suggests I am getting some new Dell Optiplex 7010 ready for deployment. I have my own environment seperate from the rest of the network. Using a Cisco RV 120w has my DHCP pool, Cisco SG100d Gigabyte unmanaged switch.  All the Dell's have gigabyte network adapters.

When I do a unicast session, I get Speeds from 1700 - 1800 mb/min, I move to a multicast session, i get speeds 70 - 400 mb/min.

All the PC's are brand new i7's with Seagate 250GB drives.

Anyone have any suggestions of where I am losing the performance?


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Do you have IGMP snooping enabled on the switch? This is a requirement for multicasting to function correctly.

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Its an unmanaged dummy switch, so i have no control over it. The best speeds I have gotten so far when multicasting are 600mb/min, which takes 25 mins to do 4 machines.

I wish i could get a managed switch but that is out of my control.

i guess I am stuck.

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I have, at one client's place, noticed somewhat the same. It turned out to be a cheap noname wireless access points which were destroying a lot of IGMP packets on the wired network. Once turned off...everything worked as intended.

So...turn off misc. network devices, one at a time, to find the culprit. Notice: the router may also be at fault.

If that doesn't make any difference, try using newer network drivers.