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Ghostcast Windows 7 Image Very Slowww (Creating and Restoring Images)

Created: 20 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

Hello everyone!

I hope someone can shed light on my issue.

I am trying to capture an image of a windows 7 machine that is ready for image capture. The problem I have is that it takes over 8 hours to capture an image???

I must be doing something wrong. I only capture 1 partition that holds OS and programs that is about 300GB and only 20-25GB used... The Ethernet card only supports up to 100Mbps speeds so not sure how much that affects all this. I have tried this in a a few diffrent locations, Host and client pick up IP Address from DHCP Server fine but speeds are ridicoulous for completion.

Do I have to adjust my partition type? (It's already an NTFS partition) .. Why is it so damn slow?  I have tried both "Fast" and "No" Compression and they both have similar results..

Please Help! SOS

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What version of Ghost?

What boot environment (DOS, WinPE ??)?

Are you using Ghostcast server ?

Have you checked the actual connection speed of your NIC?  Although it is a 100Mbps device, it can also run at 10Mbps, and this can often be determined by looking at the connection light colour on the hub/switch.

Frankly, there are so many variables, that without much more detailed information we can only guess where your problem is. 

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