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Ghosting via network

Created: 02 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012 | 5 comments


I have a question regarding Norton Ghost. If I have an iso file in the server containing operative system with other software and games which I already cloned and want to clone the contents of this iso to other clients pcs which are completely empty via network, is it possible or do I need to have the software installed on the clients first? Please explain for me how this network function works.

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Moved to the right forum.

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This is not the correct forum for Norton Ghost support, however, if you consult the sticky posting at the top of this forum, it has a link to the Norton Support Community where the retail version of Ghost is supported.

However. I wonder whether you are also getting confused over file formats. An iso file is basically an image of a CD or DVD, and is not a valid imaging format.

If you have a valid image of a machine that you wish to deploy to other machines over the network, then your machines must be able to boot to an operating system which is able to load and execute Ghost.

At the lowest level, this can  be accomplished using the PXE boot capabilities of the NIC interface on your machines, which will then pull down a WinPE image, for example, from a network location, and then boot the machine to WinPE. Once WinPE is running from memory, it can then load a hard disk image over the network and install it on the local hard disk.

The corporate version of Ghost (Ghost Solution Suite) is capable of doing this, but does require a lot of setting up. (The corporate version of Ghost is based on different technology to the Norton Ghost product).

Regardless of what deployment technology you use, you will need to reactivate each machine's operating system after imaging. Consequently, you should use a volume license for your operating system to minimise lockouts by Microsoft.

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Thanks for the reply Edt. So does this mean I can do the work on the client pcs without having any
pre installed operative system and change the setting to PXE and install the clients though the
network by taking the valid image from server.


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In summary Yes, but as I mentioned before, this is not something that just works magically out of the box. There is quite a bit of setting up required. However, you can download an eval and read the documentation to get an idea of what is involved. These forums also have many articles you can search for, that cover specific aspects of the GSS setup.

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Thanks again EdT. I will have a closer look at this thing.