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ghosting new laptop

Created: 15 Oct 2013 • Updated: 24 Oct 2013 | 2 comments

Hi.... I am trying to create ghost  image of a panasonic toughbook & store it on an usb hard drive. I'm able to boot to a usb based winpe/ghost thumbdirve, but am unable to see my 500 GB usb hard drive in ghost so I have nowhere to store the image. Am am able to use this procedure in all models of HP laptops, but not on the toughbook. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Is your USB hard drive USB-2 or USB-3 ?

Does your toughbook come with any USB drivers or USB chipset drivers that you need to add to WinPE in order to be able to use the USB port?

I've only just spotted this posting from 2 months ago, but I recall working with a Panasonic toughbook two or three years ago and there were no problems imaging to an external USB hard disk running WinPE.

Might be worth checking what version of Ghost you are using.

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If your don't mind formatting your external drive you could try setting it up as a usb boot disk using the ghost boot wizard.   I had a no name computer that in PE or dos would only see the USB device that was booted from not any others.   To get arround it I set up my external USB drive as a ghost boot disk and booted from my 500 gig western digital and saved the image to it's self since it was the only usb device.    Not the way the product was intended to be used but it worked on that hardware and I was able to move on.


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