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GHS files cannot be opened on a Mac ?

Created: 28 Nov 2012 • Updated: 29 Nov 2012 | 8 comments


My father passed away. He was a writer.

He had an ACER in 2005 and did a full back-up with Norton.

I have 4 CDs full of files. I have not been able to open these files.

I have a Mac OSX with Mountain Lion.

I'd be very happy to retrieve these files and of course discover what they are.

Can somebody help me?


All the best,


PS/ Please do not pay attention to the product that I selected. I do not own any Symantec product. But this forum requires me to select a product.

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GHS files are from Norton Ghost - I am not sure if there ever was MAC specific support for this product as it is not really part of the Backup Exec family. However if you can source a copy of Norton Ghost and get access to a Windows based system you may be able to access them to find out what they contain.

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Do you think that it is possible to open with Parallels Desktop on a Mac?

I installed the trial version of Norton Ghost but I did not succeed opening the GHS files. My father had done a full back-up and I wonder if I have to run it on an ACER to see the files.

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I doubt any MAC specific software will read it however it should not need an ACER but might need the same version of Ghost running on Windows (I am not part of ghost support team so cannot really comment further on why you can't open them) We are of course assuming that they were created by Ghost

You might be able to get some assistance if you opened a formal support case, although this probably would not be free.

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Just for the record - GHS files are NOT from the Norton Ghost product, at least not any recent version. They are files generated by Ghost Solution Suite, which is the corporate product based on the original Ghost technology. Modern Norton Ghost, the retail product, is based on the old Partition Magic product which Symantec also acquired at some point. There is a separate Norton Community to which you can find a link in one of the sticky postings at the top of this forum.

I would recommend that you enlist the help of someone who has a standard PC, rather than a MAC, and who also has experience of the Ghost products. If you can provide an indication of where you are in the world, there may be a forum member nearby who can help.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

Any new recommendation is welcome.

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Did you try the trial version of Ghost Solution Suite?

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I did but I got an error message when trying toopen the one of the files.

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A Ghost backup consists of one GHO file and additional GHS files. You cannot open a GHS file on its own.

Basically, you open the GHO file and ensure that the GHS files are available as well - ideally in the same folder.

However, if any files in the backup set, either GHO or GHS get corrupted, it can make it difficult or impossible to recover the fileset. Ghost explorer should give you the best chance of recovering at least some of the files, especially if the GHO and the last GHS in the series are intact.

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