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Global bad senders

Created: 22 Aug 2012 | 6 comments

Hellow folks, I need you help.

I am doing some tests in SMG. So I need to consult a domain name in global bad sendres, but without using may command center plattform. Is there an web page that I can do it??

Thank in advantage...

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Actualy I need the consult by name.


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Let explain with more details.

I am doing some tests in bright mail, so I noticed that the domain, does not belong to any sender group. So the messages from does not arrive to my exchange.


Is it a problem of score??

How can I consult its score??

Thanks folks.

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We do not provide the scores of incoming emails.

We do not perform reputation checking by domain, only by IP address.

In this sutation you would want to perform a query in the Message Audit Logs.

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Why the messages from does not arrives to my exchange? I´ve declarated it in local good sender.  And it´s messages are neither shown in the message audit los.


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You can always use a. as a wildcard, and search for messages by connecting IP.

If we reject a sender before we even let them tell us the domain they are sending mail from, the whitelist entry won't help and you also won't be able to search the MAL for their domain.