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Global Exclude Settings

Created: 23 Oct 2013 | 4 comments


I would like to create a global exclude list for my clients.

How to proceed?

I took a look in the Admin Guide but cannot fin an answer to my question.

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There is no global exclude list on the Netbcakup..

you can only create a exclude list and push it to all the clients by using the scripts.. 

below tech note  explains the default exclude list that netbackup automatically exlude the files

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Can you show me where to find those scripts, or a best practice to do so.

I assume it is a client side registry setting.

With psexec i can push a registry setting, but it will overwrite and not add to the registry.

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This thread has several good links and walks you through the process. If its a windows network you could also use group policy to update or add to the registry, rather than overwrite.

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