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Global Excludes

Created: 13 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I have a couple of clients who need to backup some mp3 files that they have created. Like a lot of people we have mp3s on our global excludes list. I have found a way to get by the global excludes, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to go about it in the future. It is possible I missed it, but I didn't seem to be able to find a good answer in the manual either.

To get around the global excludes list I:

  1. Mad a new profile
  2. Made two new backup selections
  3. Changed the Include/Exclude for that selection to "Include and Exclude only the file types listed below"
  4. Added *.* as an include
  5. Added *.mp3 as in include

While this does work, I'm wondering if there is a better, more efficient way to do this. Any advice would be appreciated. 

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eavinash's picture

The solution you have employed is correct. It is perhaps the best way to customise the includes/excludes settings for that user.



pkh's picture

Should Step 5 say exclude, rather than include?

BPlace's picture

Avinash - Thanks for your reply. Part of me was hoping that there was a quicker way that I missed, but It's good to know that the profile I created should function correctly.

pkh- Actually step five should say include. I had to add a seperate include for the .mp3 to get them to backup. I can only assume this cancels out that file type on the global exludes list.