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A good tip for running End Point with minimal problems

Created: 31 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
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My solution to many of the problems described was to Install a clean OS inside VMware and set it to 1GB memory/30GB Disk space
i think Virualization comes handy when we are talking this solution because you involv both Java,IIS and alot of resources and maybe security threat to even the manager if there is a backdoor in another Hosted website or some of all the required components. And another good point is if there is other software on the server that conflict with SEP installation. one of the problem is also the disk size problem on drive C: that can appear even if you make the install on another drive. because the logs and Internet portal still are stored on drive C: i think by using the mananger in virutal enviornment than its easy to move the image where there is disk space an still have complete control over an isolated installtion where you just scale the resource after performance

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1 GB RAM is not enough. The Manager will performe as it should with 2 GB.

I've experienced a Manager console where all info on the Home tab has dissapeared. But I've seen that the C: drive is filled up. SEPM is installed on D: where it's plenty of space. But could that be a reason ? That C: is filled up ?

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I know the system spec should be 2GB, but if the server role only needs to run SEP and you remove other uneeded components from the server it worked fine with my installation and still had good performance. tried it for you selv and if the performance is not good enough than raise the memory on the virtual environment. ive also tried an installation where the Home tab dissapeared. but there is guide i still need to try out before i can conclude what the problem is
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VMware is what I have it running on, too. It works great. I have found 2GB of memory is better. Just because the Java based Management Console takes up alot of memory when it is open. I am running 10.1 and 11 in parallel on VMware while deploying. I deploy one group at a time, then troubleshoot. It also gave me a chance to test.
It makes it easier when you have other projects that you're resposible for. :smileywink: