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Google Chrome report

Created: 06 Jun 2014 • Updated: 20 Jun 2014 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All!

Recently we have a customer that requires a report for google chrome version version, count per version installed and to which workstation it is installed.

I have instructed him to generate this on audit software search report. But unfortunately, the report list all the previous version of chrome which makes duplicate entries for all the computer.

I have found a KB for this: but the duplicate entry have still not been removed.

Can anyone provide us a procedure to just display the current version of chrome installed on computer so client can perform upgrades on those who do not have the latest version?

Thank you in advance.

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You can add Chrome as a managed software product in the software library.  It will provide you an option to identify all of the iterative versions of Chrome in the environment. 

Once you add the package(s) for the versions being used in the client environment, you can establish rules around compliance and version updates using a Managed Software Delivery policy. 

Once identified as a group, you can save all computers with specific versions off to saved searches, and create the reporting your looking for that way, or by leveraging ITA reports. 

Hope that helps,


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here are two for ya bud.. let me know if you want to know how to throw it into a report with paramaters...

First one will show the count of a specific version in your environment

Second one will show the hostname with what version(s) it sees.

Hope that helps bud...

-- shows count of all versions
Select t0.[DisplayName] as ' Application', t0.[displayVersion] as 'Version', Count(t0.[displayName])  as 'Count'
From [Inv_AddRemoveProgram] t0 
--Change below line to find app
where [displayName] like 'Google Chrome'
Group by t0.[displayName], t0.[displayVersion]

-- shows count of all versions on that host
Select Distinct t1.Name, t0.[DisplayName] as ' Application', t0.[displayVersion] as 'Version'
From [Inv_AddRemoveProgram] t0 
    join Inv_AeX_AC_Identification t1 on t0._ResourceGuid = t1._ResourceGuid
--Change below line to find app and also you can specify a version to show just them
where [displayName] like 'Google Chrome' and t0.DisplayVersion like '%'
order by t1.Name

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ill get you some samples but yes you just right click and choose new report? sql report.

going to lunch but I will get some up here for ya in a bit...

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I didnt know you could stack reports... so i did so...

2 reports are there for info while 1 is the main one and that is at the top.

so hope this helps....


You can run any individually... I setup the top most to have a dropdown that creates the list of versions from the Distinct Chrome Versions.

so simply import this xml in and have at it...




Chrome.xml 34.15 KB

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neat report. thanks for sharing TeleFragger

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No Problem!

also enabled right click menu so you can get to the resource manager page for the machine... i know it isnt difficult but wanted to let you know it is there too... something so simple but looked over many times...

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