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Grandfather, father, son backup strategy using removable hard drive media

Created: 06 Sep 2013 • Updated: 09 Sep 2013 | 2 comments
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In the past, we used previous versions of BE and I am familiar with the policy-driven approach. I agree that BE 2012 seems to have greatly simplified backing up data and is much more intuitive than BE 2010.

I read in the article in the link below and it mentions that the entire backup chain should be kept on the same disk i.e. weekly full and incremental backups should remain on the same disk as otherwise it would scatter the backup chain among different disks and could cause issues.

I want to continue a grandfather, father & son backup routine whereby the removable hard drives are rotated every day as follows:

  • Hard drive 1- Daily Monday and Wednesday (incrmental)
  • Hard drive 2- Daily Tuesday and Thursday (incrmental)
  • Hard drive 3- Weekly (full)
  • Hard drive 4 to 6- Monthly (full)
  • Hard drive 7- Annual (full)

The reason I want to rotate the hard drives daily is obvious; I don't want to leave the sam ehard drive plugged into the backup server all week long (if I used one hard drive per week as seems to be best practice).


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For the grandfather father son... you need just configure your backups as stages of the same job and set them to start at the same time... B.E. will supersede the job that runs more frequently ... for example if you had a job with a stage that ran daily at 8:00 pm, a stage that ran weekly at 8:00 pm and a stage that ran monthly at 8:00pm. the daily job would run until the weekly came would be superseded by the weekly then when the monthly job comes up both the weekly and daily would be superseded by the monthly ... The article that you referenced written by TA PKH is awesome... Configure your storage pool and target it for the job... Note that in order to perform the restore B.E. Will need access to all backups in the chain which would include the full and all subsequent incrementals which would be spanning multiple drives.

I hope this posting was helpful


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If you want to rotate your disks in the manner you proposed, then you need to ensure that Disks 1 - 3 are plugged in and online whenever you are trying to restore anything involving the incremental backups.