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Granular recovery technology and BE 2012

Created: 15 Jan 2014 | 7 comments

I thought I read and about to let my boss know that we may need to redesign a customers backup process.

I just want to confirm if GRT works in VMWare backups of say a file server?

I thought I read it did not?

So we have a full backup of a file server using the VMWare way that grabs the whold VMDK file.

So to get a singe file off that backup we need to restore the whole thing somewhere and then copy the file right?


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GRT does work on files held inside of VMDKs

There are some disk configs that don't work because of limitations in the VMware snapshot process (Physical RDM for insurance) and also things like ReFs Volumes inside a Windows 2012 VM may also give problems  with the current BE versions as such you should check compatibility for the VM disk configuration and operating systems held inside the VM instead of just asking about a generic "file server"

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Sorry for the generic desciption.

I'm bad for that sometimes.

The company I am working on and concerned about right now uses VMWare 5.1

The OS of the servers for now would be Windows 2000 and up.  Don't think they have 2012 yet.

So you say I can do a VMWare backup where it is grabbing the whole vmdk file and then come back to that later and do a restore down to file level on that backup?

Is that enough info?

I tried to do a restore to a server and it just shows the date and time the whole backup was done and you can't dig down to a specific file.


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Yes it seems like the setup is not correct. Do you have license for Vmware agent for Backup exec? From where you are selecting the resources to be backed up. If you are selecting the resources properly and using Vmware agent for backup then you should be able to drill down to restore individual items.

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Take a look at this link for Best Practices for VMware Agent

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To have GRT, you must load AWS on the Windows VM's before you do the VM backup.  You do not need to buy additional licences because the AVVI licence entitles you to load an unlimited number of AWS on the VM's hosted on the licenced host.

Note that BE 2012 does not support Windows 2000.

To get your individual files, see my article below

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Hi ,

I think you might have tried creating restore job on the ESXi host/vCenter on which the backup job is created.

If you wanna restore individual items, you need to create restore job on the specific VM listed on the Backup exec server list. Backup Exec server will list all the VMs on which you have installed remote agent for windows.

If you have not installed the remote agent on the VM, you might have received exceptions about GRT level restore. 

If you have had installed the remote agent on the VMs and had a successful GRT backup, try adding the VM manually on the BE server console and try to create restore job and should be able to see individua files land folders for restore.