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Granular reports from File System Archiving

Created: 05 Mar 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Our records management team has asked if there is a way for EV to provide automated reports of content that is deleted from specific FSA archives. The intention is to set up an archive with a defined retention period (five years), then have a daily report of exactly which files have expired and are deleted. We run FSA reporting but I don't see any canned report that provides this detail.

Does anyone have any guidance that would help build a custom report in FSA reporting? We'd like to be able to send daily reports by email.

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so you need to know the file names and deletion dates for items as they expire?
unfortunately theres no way to do this after the fact, because all the details of the items will be removed from the database and from the indexes....

The details held in the database will be savesetID's, what archive they belong to, archived date, modified date and such, but it won't tell you what the file name is, that will be held in the index.

IF i was to do this myself, what I would do is the following

1. Query SQL to get the Saveset information for the items that are about to expire by a statement such as
SELECT idTransaction FROM Saveset WHERE idDateTime < DATEADD(YEAR, -5, getDate())

2. Query the index with each idTransaction and get the filename and location

3. Add to a database that holds all the information for the item

4. Morning after i'd then get the SavesetID's from the database and then query each item returned against the vault store, if it no longer exists, add it to a report file

5. After completed, truncate the database and then begin again getting the items that will expire on the next run