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Granular Restore

Created: 24 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi. I'm new here and learning about EV.

I have a costumer that wants to backup an old storage vault and then get some free space in his storage.

I want to know if it´s possible after this backup, make a granular restore from a e-mail of a user.

I´ve read this topic and seems like it´s impossible to do. Not even with Netbackup?

Tks for the help...

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due to the way that Enterprise Vault is structured and how it shares data, you cannot do a granular restore of a single archived item or archives, for regular user deletes you can enable the Enterprise Vault Dumpster and set it to a time such as 14 days, so if a user realises items have been deleted, they can get them back (much like the Exchange dumpster/recovered items)

the backup and restore really are meant for DR purposes
so if you have any hesitancy when deleting an archive from the VAC, maybe export to a PST file then delete the archive, then if you realise you need an item from the archive or deleted the wrong user, you can just re-import the PST back in to the vault

But if the end user wants to free up space on his drives, its probably best to look in to storage expiry, maybe they're keeping items longer than they should? or deleting orphaned archives...

However this should all be blessed from the legal department, because if you have retention requirements, just deleting old email because its taking up space maybe against company policy, or more importantly against government regulations, depending on the industry you're in

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If you are wanting to free space on primary storage, Enterprise Vault has a variety of options for migrating older data to secondary storage.

Suggest you do some research around collections and migrations.
NetBackup does have an EV migration option which might be appropriate.
Otherwise cloud storage is another option.

You haven't said what quantity of data is involved or the currently storage architecture so difficult to be more specific.

Hope this helps.

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Oh god, don't use the net backup migrator, it sounds great in theory but it's a horrible solution I couldn't recommend to anyone

Just use regular secondary storage migration through the vault admin console