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Granular restore of EMC Celera

Created: 12 Mar 2012 | 6 comments


We are looking at creating CiFs but require data to be restored by the file level. Currently doing a NDMP backup will only backup/restore the whole file system.

Is there a way to backup/restore to a file level?

I believe it cannot be done via NDMP and if this is correct what method would be the way?



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I guess its one of the likitation that you cannot select the individual file or folder for backup or restore

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Thanks, I saw that NDMP had this limitation in the past. I wanted to confirm with NDMP switched off on the SAN can a normal backup be done of the CiFs to get the directories + files, if so, how would this even work without an agent?


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Yes, this will work, I have it running for one customer, but the backup runs very slow.
Each backup will end with a notificaion that there is no BE remote agent installed.

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ah thank you very much.

I assume I would need to setup the SAN as a separate device and once NDMP is disabled I should be able to browse the folder structure?

Let me know and I will test this and confirm here my results.

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SAN will not be used if you do a share level backup directly from the EMC san.

Also check this technote how disable NDMP on the EMC before you can run a backup:

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Will give this a go and let you know how I get on, hopefully will be able to update this by Friday the latest.

If anyone has anything else to inject then please do so, I will be checking this post routinely.