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green dot icon not dispear

Created: 10 Feb 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 7 comments

On my computer symantec endpoint protection green dot have doesn't appear.i get update from my management server but the green dot haven't there anyone have a solution help me.

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help me,i don't know how to dispear green dot icon.

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please open client

click on Help and Support button and choose troubleshooting


tell please what near the Server name there

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i can see my server name there.when i log off or shutdown my client,i check in endpoint server a green dot is stay on.another things is when i update policy in client a green dot is never dispear.what did i do?do u have solution Viachaslau kabak.pls help me.

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1) do you use OU syncronization to add workstation/user accounts from AD?

2) what type of DB do you use?


contact me in skype if you can (Viachaslau_Kabak)

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When you look in the SEPM console, are you using the Default View? I find the Default View is accurate subject to the heartbeat interval, but the green dot can be misleading in other views such as Client Status.

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how to configure email server in endpoint protection manager.Is there anyone know help me pls.

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To manage the mail settings, log into the SEPM console.
Open Admin --> Servers
Click on the SEPM server who's email settings you want to mange.
Click on "Edit Server Properties"
Click on the "Mail Server" tab.

Mail settings are set per-server. So if you have more than one server, you need to set the mail settings on each server. The reason you are able to set them per server is because servers can be in different locations/networks, and may not be able to connect to the same mail server.