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Grouping of keys

Created: 22 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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I have two questions about Symantec Encryption Management Server Powered by PGP.

1. Does Encryption Management Server can group keys and assign permissions for a user to a group?

2. I'm looking for a way how can I use 10 keys (group) and encrypt a message or document and send it to one email.
I would like to use KMS and Command Line to automate the process.

Thank you,

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This Knowledge Base Article may be helpful.

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Create a group key as described in the link is only for encrypting files using File Share Encryption. I would like to group the existing keys and this group of keys encrypt the files to customers.

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Group key usage is only available with PGP Net share functionality, but not with PGP Email.

Group and permission management is available to certain extend but group keys cannot be used for email encryption. You can also map your AD users with Universal server via group member ship settings.

For more information about PGP Net Share Group Keys.