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Groups and Agent for VMware

Created: 12 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

If I add a vcenter server (and thus am using the Agent for VMware to see/configure backups) then there is no way to add the individual VMs into a group, is that correct?

I see that I can add the vcenter server itself to a group - but what if I have 10 VMs that I want to do a "disk to disk to tape" process for, and then another 10 VMs that I just want to shove directly to tape -- how do I accomplish that, without having to create/manage each backup seperately?

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there is no way to add the individual VMs into a group, is that correct? - Correct

"how do I accomplish that, without having to create/manage each backup seperately?"

Create 2 backup jobs, 1 for the first group of VM's that does disk to disk to tape, then another that goes directly to tape.

If you wanted to make it easier, create a folder in vCenter for the VM's that go D-D-T and put all the VM's for this in that folder, then just select that folder for the backup.  Then do the same thing in a second job for going to tape.

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Thank you Ben L -

but how would I create 2 backup jobs? I have added one server - the vcenter server - from which I can browse and select vms to backup.

It seems to me that in order to create another backup job I would have to .... what? .... add the vcenter server again as an object to backup? I don't think that simply adding another "stage" in the existing vcenter object will accomplish what I want, because all of the vm servers that are/were selected are going to still be selected for additional stages.

Correct? Or - am I missing something?

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oh god - I just saw that when I select to backup one of the vms from the vcenter server, it creates another server object in the "all servers" group. And I can't seem to move it to the "vmware" group that I created.

I notice that it lets me browse the file structure of the vm, to restore individual files (yay!) but that I can't restore them to the vm itself (I guess because I don't have an agent for windows on that vm) but I was able to successfully restore some files to the backup server drive. Cool

Then - I wanted to test what it would look like to restore the whole vm - and I guess you can't do that from the new "server object" that got created, because ... well, I don't know why. But rather I have to do it from the vcenter server object - when looking at "backup sets" associated with that object, there is a "vmvcb" object that looks like it will let me restore a vm.

I'm going to spin up a test vm now, back it up and then delete it, to see if I can restore it.

Wow - the docs could make this stuff so much easier by just SAYING what all of this will look like/how it will behave/how we need to use it. Do I really have to stumble on this stuff through trial and error? Maybe I have not read all the way through the docs -- it is all just so frigging dense ....

anyway, off to test land - any comments/suggestions here are welcome!