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GRT backup agent

Created: 13 Sep 2012 • Updated: 20 Sep 2012 | 16 comments
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I installed Backup exec 2012 SP1a and although I tested everything before going into production, (apparently not everything as it does not work), I'm not able to make GRT (AD, exchange, SQL, Sharepoint) backups of my virtual guests.

I have 4 Hyper-V R2 hosts with an hyperv agent installed with 16 virtal servers on a CSV.

When I run the assesment tool, I see that the agents are installed on the media server, but not marked as used. The HyperV license is install 4 times, but used once on the cluster name.

Please help

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Did you install the remote agent in each of the VM's?  They are needed for GRT restores. Also, do you have the correct number of agent for applications and databases licences?  You would need 1 agent for applications and databases for each application in each machine.

There is no GRT restore for Sharepoint.

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There is GRT restore support for Sharepoint. Please check the SCL for BE 2012 -

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I believe that there is GRT restore for Sharepoint, provided the farm is not spread over a couple of VM's.  If it is spread over a couple of VM's, then there is no GRT restore.  This fact was pointed out by one of your colleagues in a previous discussion.  If I am mistaken, then let me know and I will find the discussion.

By GRT restore, I meant restoring from VM backups.  If it is a normal backup using the Sharepoint agent, then GRT restore is possible even if the farm is spread over a couple of VM's

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That is true for any application which is distributed. Applies to Exchange as well, for eg. Exchange 2010 DAG. SCL mentions this too. But over here we are not sure if Sharepoint farm is distributed.

To protect these applications when they are distributed across multiple Guest Virtual Machines, we need to  use the Backup Exec Agent for that application inside the guest VM to protect them.

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AD, Exchange, and SQL should be able to be restored, directly out of the VHD files.  Granted you still need a RAWS agent installed in the guest for VSS and application awareness/catalogging.

Sharepoint and GRT, will require you to do a traditional agent based backup IIRC.  backing up the VHD will only give you the SQL DB's, in which you'll have to restore and connect to a test farm.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

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Sharepoint GRT restore is possible from Hyper-V/VMware agent based backups in BE 2012 for single farm deployments. Refer to following:


When you say not able to make GRT(AD, exchange, SQL, Sharepoint) backups of my virtual guests, you are referring to Hyper-V agent based backup (one pass backup) or the respective agent (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint) based backup?

Please attach the backup job log so that we can provide further suggestions.


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What do you mean by "single farm deployments"?  Are you saying that it is possible to do GRT restores of Sharepoint farm from VM backups if the farm is spread over a couple of VM's?

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No I mean single server deployment. So Sharepoint farm on a single VM.

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O.K. I just want to clarify this because we went through all these earlier.

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I am not in the office today. I send the backup log monday.
The assesment tool shows the licenses are installed but not used.
Yes all the server have a remote agent installed hosts and childs.

Thanks for the reply

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So I did not realy find something that helped me. So prbably I didn't express myself to well.
The situation is as follow:

*4 server in cluster running HyperV R2 hosting the virtual machines on a CSV volume of 1.3 TB. All 4 server  with an Agent of symantec installed. As I have 4 hyper V agents, this should be ok?

*The virtual machines all have an agent installed. I have one AD, exchange, SQL and sharepoint agent. But I do have 2 domain controllers (same domain ex conso.local), I have only one exchange and one sharepoint, but do have two SQL servers (one for sharepoint and a test). So the test does not need GRT backup.

When I run the assesment tool my options are installed but not applied on any server.

Please help

Already thanks a lot for all the replies, I do apprecied them

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Hello ApieBe,

You need to make sure that the account used for backing up the VM;s has correct permissions required on the application. This will be account listed against the VM name in the test/Edit credentials window. 

Refer to following technote for further information:

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thanks for you reply, the account I am using was working for Backup Exec 2010 R3.

I followed all the requirement of Symantec as service account, ...

the grt backup fo files is working, but not for applications

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Make sure that requirements are met (which I believe does as it used to work in BE 2010 R3):

Next step will be to check event logs on the VM being backed up and check if any errors were reported while perfoming backup of the application. You need to check events triggered at the start of the backup.

If you can post the job log and event logs from the VM (in .txt) format then I can review it for you.


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Hi all

Thaks a lot to everybody to find a solution. I have found a solution thanks to the many tips I received. As I mentioned, the requirement are all completed. BUT ther is a small option Network, where I defined an interface, protocol and use any available subnet. After checking the option Allow use of any interface ... Everything is working.

It is logic because my host and virtual servers are on a different subnet ;)

Issue solved and thanks a lot to everybody!!!!

Small tip for symantec:

Wouldn't it make sense to install the option s as appl on the servers from which you want GRT backups in stead of automate it? I don't need a GRT backup of all my SQL servers, but I want be able to put them all in one Job.

Anyway thanks again for your support