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Created: 05 Mar 2014 • Updated: 06 Mar 2014 | 10 comments
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I'd like to understand GRT.  According to the Backup)Exec_2012_Agent_for_VMware_TechnicalFeatrue_Brief.pdf, it states:

it is not necessary to have the Agent for Windows Servers (AWS) installed to the vm in order for granular files and folder recovery to be possible.  However, having the agent installed to the virtual machine is required in order to recover files and folders directly back to the source virtual machine.

Optionally, or if the AWS agent is not installed to the original machine from which backups were captured, files and folders can be reovered to a local directory on the Backup Exec server, and moved back to the original virtual machine using other methods.

I don't see how this works.  I have the Agent for VMware installed and I've enabled GRT on a VM (but not selected any of the 4 GRT features that you require the agent for applications).  This VM does not have the AWS installed.  When I try to restore, I see no option to resote individual files/folders.  From everything else I've read, it seems that the AWS has to be installed on the VM in order to use GRT.  So what's the story?  Is the techincal feature brief incorrect??  Under waht circumstances can you utilise GRT without the AWS installed on the VM?

I also saw in another post that you can install as many AWS agents on VM's if you have the Agent for VMware licensed installe on the host.  is this true?

Thanks in advance!

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Siddhant Saini's picture

Hello, You might want to refer to the following link to get more details on it:

Summarizing a reply, you need AWS installed on the Virtual Machines for making use of the GRT functionality. You can install *unlimited number of AWS on your Virtual Machines with the Agent for VMware/Hyper(*installed on the host). 

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini

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That's what I suspected.  Just wondering what Symantec is on about in the tech brief p 22

I've re-read this in the same tech brief and now understand that I can install as many AWSs as I want if I have he Agent for VI installed.

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Did you look at the right place for the individual files/folders to restore? See my article below

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Intertesting.  I don't have the server as another item.  I saw that before when I was testing earlier, but that was on a backup job with all GRT options enabled by default.  I unticked ALL

enable GRT for MS AD

Enable GRT for Exchange

Enable GRT for SQL

Enable GRT for SharePoint

as I don't have the agent for applicaitons, nor does this box run any of these applications.

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There is another checkbox above these four which enables GRT for files/folders. Did you check it?

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In my experience, virtual servers appear in the server list when you install RAWS on them, which you need to do in order to restore individual files.

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That seems to be the general consesus.  I'm not doubting that AWS is required for GRT.  I was questioning the Symantec documentation that clearly states otherwise.

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I'll try to clear out the confusion. For a backup of a Virtual Machine(without AWS installed on it) you would get a granular view of ONLY the files/folders during restores(if you have the GRT option enabled for the files/folders). 

If you need a granular view of the applications(like SQL, Exchange, Active Directory and Sharepoint) during restore then you NEED to install AWS on the Virtual Machines. 

In your case, if you have already referred to the post by PKH and you are still unable to view the files/folders of that VM during restore, then you might want to open a support case with us to diagnose the issue further. 


1. For backup of a VM(with GRT enabled for files and folders only) and restore of files and folders on the Backup Exec Server itself, installation of AWS on the VM is not a requirement. 

2. For backup of a VM(with GRT enabled for files and folders only) and restore of files and folders on the VM itself, installation of AWS is mandatory. 

3. For application based backups(with/without GRT enabled) you need to install AWS on the VM. 

Note: The best practices document I provided earlier ( ) clearly states that the points mentioned in it are to make use of the options 'effectively'.

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini

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Thanks for the info. I'll contact Symantec.  I am definitely unable to use GRT with no AWS agent installed.