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GRT Restore fiels from tape from VMvare server

Created: 12 Dec 2013 • Updated: 22 Jan 2014 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have running backup exec 2010 on Windows server 2008

I do full backup daily on the tapes for my VMware file server and rotate tapes for 4 weeks.

I never have to enough space on the media server for temporary staging file to restore files directly.

To restore files from back up I use workaround solution from

 I created B2D on another server and duplicated my tape backup to the disk.

After my backup was successfully duplicated on disk I start new Restore Job and I can see the duplicated set from "View by media" but cannot run GRT from there, but if i go "View by Resource" i cannot find this set as a source.

Please advise how I can restore my files


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Suppose you have ServerA hosted on Host1.  In the "View by Resource" dialog, did you expand ServerA under Host1 or did you look for ServerA by itself and expand it.  You should be expanding ServerA and not ServerA under Host1.

My article below is written for BE 2012, but the concept is the same for BE 2010.

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aus2.jpgThanks PHK for advice, but it does no work for me.

If I browse the resource and select bios server name i can run restore only from original TAPE backup, it does not give me a option to choose the source as in 2012. I even cannot run restore of ESX from B2D "View by Resource" tub.

I have to run my restore from duplicated back up to B2D since lack of space on media server. And I duplicated only specific server, not entire ESX.

The only place there i can select B2D as source for restore if i click on "view by media" tab. But from this tab and cannot do GRT.

 Any ideas

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And I duplicated only specific server, not entire ESX.

How do you duplicate a specific server when you back up the entire host?  

Did you install RAWS in the VM's?  If you did not, then you would not have GRT.

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Thanks PKH,

I opened a support case with Symantec and they said it's impossible, and there is no workaround my case. Sounds strange, but have to admit it.