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GRT restore not available from one disk of VM with two virtual disks

Created: 08 Aug 2013 | 10 comments

Hi All,

I'm having problems doing a file level restore from backup of a VMware VM.

The VM has two disks,40GB and 600GB both thin provisioned, VM version 8. If I try to restore files from the backup I can drill down to the files of the first disk but not the second, the backups aren't even listed. I have the Windows agent installed on the VM OS and it is up to date and the job log shows both disks as backed up.

If I wanted to restore the whole virtual disk I could but I want to be able to do a GRT restore if the need arises.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, before I am asked to restore some files from the disk!

I have attached screenshots of the restore dialogs for information.



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What is the type of disk (600GB) that is being backed up. Also, what is the version of BE that you are backing up. Cause perticlualy if this is BE 2012 pRDM and GPT disks are not supported for GRT restore.

Check the software compatibility list for the version of Be you are using and look under VMware Storage Configuration Compatibility

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Both disks are described as thin provision in the VM properties. As far as I can tell they are the same type.

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Both disks are using MBR partition style, the smaller is a basic disk and the larger is dynamic.

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Is L drive a SAN mounted LUN configured as RDM-Physical Compatibility Mode Independent Disks?

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Both drives are on SAN mounted LUNs, however I'm not sure how to find out if they are RDM-Physical Mode Independent Disks. I just started the VMware add disk wizard and there is an option to select RDM but I have never used it, however I didnt create this VM.

Would it be obvious from the VM settings if this machine was using RDMs?

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Goto the properties of the VM

and check this


Symantec Backup Exec does not support GRT, Incremental or Differential AVVI backup of a VM having RDM or independent disk.

You need to install remote agent on this VM and do a remote agent based backup if you need GRT restore of files out of that LUN


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Thanks, I checked the settings and for both it has "Virtual Disk" in the summary column.

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Mark, have you got any exception in the job log  when this backup of this VM was done?

Also I would suggest upgrading to .

Backup Exec 2012 revision 1798 Service Pack 2

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I have finally been able to get back to this issue.

I installed SP1 and SP2 but I am still unable to restore data from the second virtual disk, and of course that is the disk with the shares.

There are no exceptions in the log for that VM.