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GSS 2.0.1 NGCTDOS Reboots to Windows Immediately

Created: 06 Aug 2007 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments

Hi guys,

I am trying to evaluate GSS 2.0.1 using the trialware to ensure it works with our hardware before I purchase a few licenses. We run primarily Dell E520's. I am attempting to create an image of a remote machine via the Ghost Console. Each time I attempt the task fails. The Dells are running AHCI SATA in their equivelent of compatibility mode. They use the Intel PRO1000 DOS packet drivers.

By running PC-DOS and hitting F8, I am able to step through the process and abort just before NGCTDOS.EXE runs. By doing this I can confirm that WATTCP.CFG contains a DHCP allocated IP address and that GHOST.EXE has no issues detecting the AHCI SATA disks/partitions. Unfortunately I don't believe I can use Ghostcast or view an error file in the trial version.

If I allow PC-DOS (or MS-DOS) to continue through to the NGCTDOS.EXE stage it will immediately load and reboot into Windows. An error message flicks past but it does not stick around long enough for me to read it. The Ghost Console log simply tells me that booting to the virtual partition failed.

Is there any way I can get more information on this problem out of the trialware? Or is there a simple fix I'm missing? Unfortunately I cannot justify purchasing licenses until I am satisfied it will work with our hardware.


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You may want to try putting a pause in there to catch the error.  Launch the Ghost boot wizard and choose network boot package (you don't need to actually make a floppy) when you select the network card hit modify than on the advanced tab just put a pause in the autoexec.bat additions.  Has helped me many times :smileywink:
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Hi Ray,

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean put a pause after NGCTDOS.EXE runs? I've tried stepping through the autoexec one by one and the error definitely doesn't occur until NGCTDOS.EXE runs, I assumed this application itself was causing the reboot rather than something else before/after in the autoexec script.


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Hmm not sure than.  You could check the log on the machine you are trying to image it default location is c:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\ngctw32.log
but if it is the NGCTDOS.EXE the is causing the crash I'm not sure if the log is created.  I don't think I've had a problem like this.